Mammalian Protein Expression

  • Multiple mammalian cell systems
  • Majority of human proteins
  • Whole workflow solutions from molecular biology to purification
  • 100% made in U.S.

Antibody Engineering

  • Hybridoma sequencing
  • Recombinant antibody engineering and production
  • De novo antibody sequencing
  • Antibody conjugation

Stable Cell Line Development

  • Stable mammalian cell line development
  • For high-yield protein and antibody production
  • For research assay development

Prokaryotic Protein Expression

  • Tailored for your protein needs
  • Project-based E. coli expression

Molecular Biology

  • DNA synthesis for your protein & antibody projects
  • From design, synthesis to expression

Conciege Project Management

  • Whole service solutions
  • From consultation, design, expression to purification
  • All tailored for your needs