Custom Protein Services

EUPROTEIN offers a variety of recombinant protein expression services at various scales, including protein gene synthesis, protein codon optimization, protein expression vector design, large scale cell culture and fermentation, protein purification and protein quality control testing. We specialize in the following expression systems:

  • Mammalian cells, primarily Human (HEK293) cells and Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells

    mammalian cells render unique advantages of correct folding, proper post-translational modification, and native or the most near-native conformation. Hence it is more likely to obtain the same level of bioactivity as natural protein. At EUPROTEIN, we have extensive experiences in producing many proteins in mammalian cells, and offering custom services at different scales that fit our customers project needs.

  • Prokaryotic expression system

    the E. coli expression system is the most widely used protein expression system, for its unique advantages of rapid growth, easiness of scaling up, high protein expression level, and cost efficiency. E. coli expression system is more suitable for large-scale fermentation and expression of miltiple species.

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Here are some featured protein products that have been developed for our customers.

Our Expertise

EUPROTEIN is expert in custom protein expression. Our project team is lead by scientists with decades of experience in recombinant expression and antibody production. We have successfully helped our customer fulfill variety of projects, ranging from trial expression of rare variants to gram-level production. We offer significant cost saving advantages and record speed in protein expression and bulk production. Our customers are happy with the guaranteed deliverables and the supreme qualify of our products & services.

EUPROTEIN is committed to serve the life science community and biotech industry worldwide for recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody bulk production. We strive to change the way the life science research industry are generating and sourcing their proteins.

Service Procedures

At EUPROTEIN, we established a simple and transparent workflow to make sure our client's targets are met and fulfilled with deliverables in time.

Gene synthesis and codon optimization
1-2 weeks
Vector Construction
1-2 weeks
Expression and Purification
2-3 weeks
Large Scale Expression
2-3 weeks

Expression and purification of glycosylated protein
Expression and purification of glycosylated protein
SDS-PAGE of hIgG1 Fc fusion protein R vs NR
SDS-PAGE of hIgG1 Fc fusion protein R vs NR
Rec human IgG from 293 cells and rProA purification
Recombinant Human IgG from 293 cells and rProA purification

In addition, EUPROTEIN provides customers with integrated process solutions from customer-driven project designs, DNA synthesis, molecular biology services, protein production, to purification and analytical characterizations. Our experienced project managers will provide you timely updates regarding the progress of the project. Please submit a service inquiry by clicking the button below and our team will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

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