Protein Expression in Mammalian Cell

EUPROTEIN offers a variety of recombinant protein expression services ranging from protein engineering, production, and purification at various scales. We specialize in protein services with mammalian expression systems, primarily Human cells and Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

Mammalian cells produce protein products with unique advantages of correct folding, proper post-translational modification, and native or the most near-native conformation. At EUPROTEIN, we have been successful in producing several thousand proteins in mammalian cells, and offering custom services at different scales that fit your project needs.

EUPROTEIN provides customers with integrated process solutions from customer-driven project designs, gene synthesis, molecular biology services, protein expression, to protein purification and analytical characterizations.

  1. What services does this include?

    Unless we know the expression level and yield of recombinant proteins and antibodies, we would start standard pilot expression service with human 293 cells, this covers gene synthesis, construction and expression/purification assessment, and will deliver all the protein obtained from pilot study if it can be purified. Expi293 or ExpiCHO is used for secreted expression of recombinant proteins in serum free medium. EUPORTEIN's own custom expression vector platform with the optimized designs will be used for the secreted expression and affinity purification such as His, Fc as well as other affinity tags. Due to the variable length of target genes, the actual price of pilot expression will primarily depend upon actual length or the number of base pairs. If the target genes are under < 500 bp, for example, the VH, VK domains, scFv fragments or SdAb of the recombinant antibodies, there will not be extra charge for pilot expression. If the genes or proteins are big, extra charges might apply to cover cost of molecular biology. Particular analytical assays such as Endotoxin measurement or HPLC assessment etc can be available too per discussion.

  2. What's the scale of the expression? How much protein and what purity would you provide?

    Typically the pilot expression study start 100~200 mL. If successful, 0.1mg to 5mg of purified recombinant proteins or monoclonal antibodies can be delivered. After pilot expression, if more materials is demanded, process will be implemented for producing protein/antibodies based upon desired volume of up to 20Liters, or the desired quantity of 200 ug to 100 mg, or even a few hundred mgs for particular proteins. Depending upon each individual protein, the purity of final deliverables should be 85% to 95%, based upon SDS-PAGE analysis.

  3. What's your service, pricing and timeline for up to 1000ml scale expression?

    Pricing for desired quantity can be different from protein to protein, however, it would be more standardized for the volume based expression. 1L scale of Expi293 expression is available.

  4. Where will the work be actually done?

    We are complete US-New Jersey based company, and our laboratories are physically located in NJ Bioscience Center at North Brunswick, New Jersey. All the work are done in the US. Site visit is available per request of reservation.

EUPROTEIN provides customers with integrated process solutions from customer-driven project designs, DNA synthesis, molecular biology services, protein production, to purification and analytical characterizations. Our experienced project managers will provide you timely updates regarding the progress of the project. Please submit a service inquiry by clicking the button below and our team will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

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